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October 24th, 2003, 23:35
THis guy came up with the MOST ACCURATE analysis ever, and I'll be damned if he was wrong. I found this on www.thelastfreecity.com, this guys name is MRM.

This goes deep, so follow me if you will:

The original Matrix starts with Trinity and Cypher talking, the screen shows "Trace Program" and the date "2-18-98".

The movie ends with Neo making a phone call, the trace program is initiated and the date reads "9-18-99"... 19 months have passed!

If you watch the movie again, you'll see that the time sequence implies that they found Neo shortly after that initial conversation (a few months after 2-18-98 at most).

Significant? Yes; I propose that Reloaded and Revolutions (which we know occur one after another), take place between 2-18-98 and 9-18-99. Here's why:

Only a few months could have passed from the time Morpheus and the crew 'free' Neo to the time Neo is killed and revived in the hallway. Why? for one, Neo's hair barely grows in that time and that's not a trivial observation (it's also obvious that Neo grew out his hair in Reloaded which occurs roughly 6 months after he's unplugged).

We also know the W brothers don't put insignificant things into their movies - the fact that they obviously signal to us that 19 months have passed from the start of the Matrix to the time Neo makes that phone call is there for a reason.

In Reloaded, Neo says that "I wish I knew what I was supposed to do". The phone call scene in the Matrix, Neo is very sure of what he is supposed to do, "I'm going to hang up this phone and show these people what you don't want them to see... a world without you, without controls and boundries". Why would he have forgotten what to do between M1 and M2? he didn't, that last scene in M1 occurs after Revolutions!

Finally, at the end of M1, Neo states that "I can feel you now, you are scared". At the end of Reloaded he says, "Something is different, I can FEEL them now".

One more thing. A game directed by the W brothers called Matrix online is due in '04 and the timeframe takes place after Revolutions... and the matrix is alive and well in the game.

My guess is that there is no MWAM, they don't destroy the Matrix because they can't unplug everyone at once and we'll see Neo make that very same phone call at the end of Revolutions!

I hope this wasn't too confusing to follow.

Watch the Matrix again, you will see his point and it is damn clear as heck.

You also have to remember that The first matrix movie was a test for the audience, they specifically said they werent sure if it was going to be accepted, so they created the movie as aWHOLE finished project."If the audience didnt like it then they couldcomplete it as a whole right then and there" Which is why Reloaded and REvolutions werent anounced till later on.

I'm now sure that this guy is right, the W's arent full of crap everyTHING in these movies have MEANING, REASON, and PURPOSE. EVERYTHING, every single piece of dialogue.

Man it makes perfect sense. The humans (Zion) can never physically beat the machines, the only way for man to ultimately beat the machines is, to form Man as one, as a whole, but where is Man? Man is inside the machine. Neo has ability to controlling all of man (because he has the power of change) and will open the eyes of all the people. Those of you who have some prior speculative knowledge of Judiasm, or have taken some religion course for requirements, you will see that this has so much relativity to the messiah, he's going to bring the army of man and lead his people to salvation but from within the matrix. Becuase as we all know it has todo with the mind. As we've all seenin history (positive and negative, i.e. Christianity, Holocaust, Ghandi, Martin Luther(protestants), and King Jr. and yes even in (terrorism), someone who has the ability to change or control peoples minds,has the people in the palm of that leader's hands, ready for the work of good or for the work of evil.

October 25th, 2003, 09:44
I take it you haven't drawn those flowers yet, have you?

October 31st, 2003, 08:51
oh btw, I read two Matrix Revoltuion reviews, this guys theory is wrong. the movie doesnt end this way. It actually ends very depressingly.

I should have stuck to my old theory, any one this important, always sacrifices his life for his people.... ehem... his kind.

November 4th, 2003, 14:36
I have read the reviews and basically people are saying that M3 is the worst of the three movies, but I really never listen to critiques - so who cares! I think that they are full of BS, and they should not be paid for their personal BS! That is my two cents...

On a mo brighter note I found this on the internet the other day and found it to be very interesting reading!

Warning Potential Spoilers<br><br>http://www.netalive.org/stuff/matrix-revolutions_mother-of-all-spoilers.txt