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October 24th, 2003, 08:45
ok so I saw it yesterday, and it didnt really scare me. I mean I know its a true story and all, but I felt it was a bit empty, some parts were disturbing, like I mean the kind of disturbing where you just want to shout out and say " OKKKKKE..... Please CUT TO THE NEXT SCENE!.. Like RIGHT NOW." The kind of seen where you know someone is suffering from a but load ofpain, which can be shown in like 2 seconds, but for the sake of screen time for a horror movie, of course they drag it on for like 10 minutes so you can squirm in your seat.

I found that the several camera shots of Jessica Beils arse, was highly distracting to the point of the movie. Its like one minute you see this guy getting hacked up, and yer like "OH MY GOD, make it stop please!" then BAM. cuts to next seen and Jessica Beil's butt takes up the whole screen, and yer like "aaahhh.. much better." It was like a lame way to soothe the audience's disturbance. I mean there's nothing wrong with that, cause that was the best part of the movie. Thing is you see it all too much in all those other scary movies now a days. Enough to tell what the director was trying to do.

The story was good, but like I said something was missing. I need to see the original movie of Leather face, I heard that was scary as hell. One ofcourse its based on reality but, Two, because they tell more about the Hewitt family. like Something about them being Cannibals and taking the skin of human flesh and using it to cover furniture. Yeah thats fudged up.

THe TWIST :: Spoiler Alert::

In the end we find out that the few people in the different parts of very small town, that the group of young teens enounter are actually all part of the Hewitt family. The reason why Tomas Hewitt is killing people is because not only he is part of a cannibalistic family, but usually because of hatred against people cause they couldnt accept him was younger because of his skin disease. Why they call him leatherface, .. well first of all that aint leather.. thats very well sowed up faces of Human flesh.
The twist is that the hitchhiker that the young group finds, is actually the Hewitt family's bait to bring more humans in to their town. What will usually happen is a group of wonderers or families may pass by the town; the Hewitt family will let Tomas (leatherface) terrify this (group) and then let one of them get away so that one that survives will be freaked out walking on the road out of town. Then another group or person driving by would pick them up thinking that survivor is a hitchhiker. The first thing the survivorwill say is " I want to go home" *face still in shock* The person or group that is driving that car will then think that since she was walking out of that town, they will assume that the direction going back in to town is the hitchhikers home. THe survivor will freak out once he/she realizes that the driver is going the wrong way, by that time they are already in town. Thats the trap, its a cycle.

That was an interesting ending. But I still want to see the original story movie. Well its really not all that bad of a movie, so if you have time check it out.

October 24th, 2003, 13:00
So I saw the original and it was just as bad as the remake. But we learn more of the Hewitt family are cannabils, and all their furniture is made out of human flesh and bones. There is so much screaming at the end of the movie that I had to skip a lot of parts cause the screaming was sooo annoying. I was like dammit, just kill her so I dont have to hear her another second. Even at the end when that chick escapes, still screaming. I think the screaming was just as bad as in Jurrassic Park 3, " Dont.. make a move.." what do they do? they move.. "dont make a sound.." What does the chick do? she screams her freakin head off, its like she wants to get chewed up by the dinosaurs, Regardless if that woman was hot, I would much rather have her get eaten by the T-rex, then that gay guy. I hate having to sit through a movie where the dialogue is different tone pitches of screaming.

Both movies have flaws, but the 2nd one is well editted and has better actors, and a better ending.

October 24th, 2003, 14:44
Well I have seen both and I guess they are not my cup of tea. I saw the new one the day after it came out and I was displeased to say the least. It had a very bad edit in the movie which pretty much ruined it for me. It's one that we caught when it happened and several other people caught it too. It wouldn't have been bad if it was one of those one's that you have to read about later. The part I'm speaking of without revealing the storyline is where the first victim is riding in the van and we see her fall over. In the next shot we see her sitting up. Ok, it was understandable that they could have picked her up and sat her back up on the seat but they had to go into detail about them not wanting to touch the body. That pretty much messed up that theory. So that horrible edit/continuation messed it up for me big time. The other thing that really messed it up for me was that the heroine had plenty of opportunities to kill leatherface but chose not to pick up the weapon. The whole movie I'm wondering why she is in a life or death situation she just keeps running instead of attacking back. One could say that in that situation you wouldn't think to get a weapon but just run. I disagree, I think if you were trying to live you would pick up the weapon and defend yourself.
Oh well, that's just my two bits on the flick. See the movie and be mad the whole movie like me. Bring on Alien to the bring screen.

October 24th, 2003, 17:25
yeah man I totally agree, there were like 3 parts that she could have picked up the saw and wack away at leatherface.

My friend has a bootleg copy and we were watching it but I couldnt find the editting error you were talking about.
I dont understand what you are talking about the "hitchhiker".
What I remember is ( please respond with a ::Spoiler:: Heading}...


What I remember is they pick her up, she starts talking about not going back, pulls out the revolver from her crotch, and then blasts her head, you see blood splat on the hula -girl-bobber, then you see the revolver fall to the seat, then you see the group screaming oh my god asthe camera zoomz backwards through the mouth of the girl and out the back of the whole of her head as we see her head fall back. About how far into the beginning was this part? was it right after she bleh her self away? Or was it like when they reached town went to the gas station? or when they met the little boy? or when the sherriff came and started wrapping her up?

October 27th, 2003, 14:07

Actually it's right after she shoots herself. It's when they are driving to the house and the van hits a bump or something. I don't know what they hit but they hit something and the hitchhiker's body slumps over. Then when they arrive at the house the body is sitting back up. Try looking at when the van is traveling offroad to the house and you might see the part I'm talking about.

Good luck

October 27th, 2003, 17:22

yeah that is some pretty bad editting right there. like in your face terrible.


Yeah they run over some log, and the body falls over and everyone is like.... eeeewwww...disgusted.. then they arrive ... wooptie doo she's up in her seat again, after they've all wined about not touching that body.