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September 26th, 2003, 01:24
IF you havent checked it out yet, the Final trailer of the Matrix trilogy has been released.

High-Res (http://pdl.warnerbros.com/thematrix/us/med/rev_theatre_0x3839_640_dl.mov)

Med-Res (http://pdl.warnerbros.com/thematrix/us/med/rev_theatre_0x3839_480_dl.mov)

Low-Res (http://pdl.warnerbros.com/thematrix/us/med/rev_theatre_0x3839_320_dl.mov)

You honestly.. HAVE to watch this trailer ... FRAME... BY.. FRAME

here are some shots you should check out....


September 26th, 2003, 09:18
Is it me or is downloading and watching the trailor a pain in the butt! Man I get to the last part of the trailor and the server is reset! That bytes!

September 27th, 2003, 19:24
yeah seems like it since its the aol server, by now you probably already seen it but heres the official site. cause during that time EVERYONE was probably downloading it.


September 27th, 2003, 23:46
Saw the full trailer before The Rundown... yawn. ;)

But those robots with the gatlin guns were pretty cool.

September 28th, 2003, 10:48
Well I really liked the trailer that I canít wait to see the third installment of the Matrix -- Just like I canít wait to see SWEIII! There are movie script rumors going around that Neo really isnít the one. Does anyone in the community know other wise?


September 29th, 2003, 05:22
yeah I was fortunate to get the Animatrix dvd from my cousin in london about a month or two before the release of Reloaded. After watching Kids Story, I was pretty convinced that Michael Popper is the true "messiah".

Since Neo is trapped in a world between the real and the matrix, he is obviously within the control of the machines. He is the key to everything in the Matrix (the entire simulation program itself); from what we've seen in Reloaded the Architect mentioned he has the code that has to be reinserted to the Matrix so the entire system restarts again. So to what seems obvious, I have came up with a notion that Neo himself is a program, and to my understanding probably Morpheus, and Trinity as well. He may be the "one" to the machines, since he is the intergral key that can reboot the matrix to a freash start; but in the real-real world, Kid aka Michael Popper (who we see a cameo in the scene when THE NEB2 arrives in Zion and Kid helps the crew carry their bags) maybe the Real "Messiah". As seen in Kid's Story of the Animatrix, Kid is the only person ever to have liberated himself from the Matrix completely all on his own through a process of belief. Because of his belief in Neo he was convinced that the Matrix was real.

Well thats my theory I dont know. Cuase if you think about it why would the Wuchoski Bros. put just a small segment of Kid in the Matrix about half way through the trilogy--just to hint his special ability? On the other hand, why would the Wuch. Bros. waste 6 hours of film time on Keanu Reeves being The One this whole time if he really isnt the one.

Anyways I've read a bunch of other theories from fans in www.thelastfreecity.com (http://www.thelastfreecity.com) forums. some were pretty intersting and others ... well they should probably re-watch the movie again.

October 18th, 2003, 10:14
oooooooooo Pyrroooo.... Efffecctssss!!!!

October 18th, 2003, 10:16
"Yall, dont fo-get ta put on yo seat belts now, ye hear?"

October 18th, 2003, 10:18
"Alright Smith, we got 60 minutes till the movie ends, lets try to end this fight in about 40 minutes so we have enough time to fit in some twisted philosophical Zen BS that will leave all those dolts out there in the audience questionable, so they can all go to Starbucks after the movie and have an oh-so-intellectual conversation on reality."

November 4th, 2003, 17:13
Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine:

"At the risk of understatement, The Matrix Revolutions sucks."

November 4th, 2003, 17:24
But of course what else could we expect from people that don't even like the franchise to begin with. No matter if it was a good or a bad movie you guys will find something to complain about. Still, that is their personal opinion and it is a free country!

That will not change the fact that I like the movie and peopleís narrow-minded opinions cannot changes that.

Anyways who are the rolling stones magazines - an outdated magazine!
Always consider the source before jumping to conclusion! Hehe
Peter is probably still drooling over Donna Reeds from ďItís a Wonderful lifeĒ. hoho

P.S. Who is this cat Peter? Never heard of him, and frankly I am glad!

November 5th, 2003, 12:16
"Everyone LOVED the first one. Then they "kinda tolerated" the second one. Logic dictates that the third one "sucks". I disagree." -- Scott Weinberg, EFILMCRITIC.COM

Below is the story to the quote!


November 5th, 2003, 22:15
Saw revolutions today, despite the bad reviews, I came out thinking it was much better than Reloaded and better than I could've hoped it to be . I was expecting another dud but I'm willing to say I enjoyed most of this movie until it reached the end.

I think some people wanted more onscreen time for Neo and Trinity, as they are absent for a large segment of the film. Though that time is spent looking at the city zion which is under siege. Some critics have bashed the acting from Carrie-ann and Keanu as well as other characters, but from my perspective bad or not, they are still consistant with what they've been doing in the previous films.

Revolutions isn't a bad movie, but if you watch it hoping to see a "revolutionary" film, then you will be disapointed. It's not oscar material, it's just a film to see and be entertained, and it does achieve that much.

You can't trust the critics with this one, it's best you see it for yourself and not allow other people to make decisions for you. I still think the first matrix is the best of the 3, and reloaded is the weakest link.

November 9th, 2003, 09:42
so yeah i saw it too and gonna see it again, and this is pretty much what I got out of it.