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April 28th, 2003, 12:00
I was just wondering if there was a way to playback stuff you are editing in full screen without having to export your render to a saved file. I have been reading some stuff on it and I believe it's the print to video option. I keep getting a black screen with no video. I have also tried this in just clip mode and it works but I don't get the whole timeline just the clip. Is this a hardware problem on my desktop? I wouldn't mind seeing the video full screen as opposed to the little window you have for the monitor. Just wondering if anyone has an idea. Trying to save time and space of exporting by rendering and viewing within Premiere.


April 28th, 2003, 20:18
Well, the only way that you can check out your render is to then resizing the Output Window to its larger scale and preview by pressing Enter , yeah I know thats the cheap way, but the methods, that you provided with the --Print Video, and the Clip, these are issues Premiere still needs to work on, and it takes tedious work to accomplish what seems to be such an easy render to full screen. Seeing how Adobe Premiere is the "diet coke" of Final Cut Pro it reall has nothing to do with your Hardware, cause there is a number of things that still need to be tweaked with Premiere itself.

A new feature of Premiere 6.5 is the real-time render, if you are trying to accomplish quicker renders, ideally this is the function thats supposed to make your dreams come true. When you select this option form your LOAD PROJECT SETTINGS SCREEN(window shown once you have opened Premiere) its the same basic setting as all the rest, but the advantage is when you preview, it's rendering while you are watching the preview at the same time. For the most part it works fine, but can tend to be glitchy or laggy depending on the size of the files you use, the bigger the files you use the more laggier Premiere will get. Patience is the key to using Premiere.

Another problem with Premiere codecs, sometimes when you render a file you'll be surprised to see it either has novideo but it has audio, or visa versa. Probably the most helpful things is to provide a number of codecs, such as, Divx5.02 or the latest divx, the latest Sorenson, Nimo Pack, Tsunami Mini Pack, Xvid Pack(mpeg2). Again, if you are trying to accomplish Quicker renders, its probably best adviced to adjust the length of the yellow bar above the timeline to the short intervals you want to quickly render, using the "In Point Tool" and the "Out Point Tool", then when exporting select Divx 5.02 or Sorenson and render to the type of format you choose, Windows AVI, or quicktime. Believe me, a bunch of quick small renders like that using premiere is a heck of a lot faster then rendering out the whole deal all at once. Pin- point the interval you want to render, then export it.
Hope this somewhat answers your question.

April 29th, 2003, 16:01

The in and out point for the render is a good idea. I'll play around with that idea. Thanks for the screencaps too. I like FCP also but with PC I'm kinda stuck with Premiere since it is all I have right now. Thanks for all the help.

April 29th, 2003, 21:40
hey no prob, glad to be of some assistance.