View Full Version : V for Vendetta...

March 18th, 2006, 19:05
im suprised no one has posted about this movie... i saw it at the drive-in last night and i really loved it!!!


March 25th, 2006, 17:52
saw it today...liked it, but wish i read the graphic novel first.

March 26th, 2006, 00:24
Saw it when it opened and was gonna make a post but never got around to it....

Cool movie... kinda hokey at some parts true to Wak' brothers style.. but I'm learning to accept that. lol

I liked it alot though, and I think there was alot of subliminal propaganda that I laughed about. Good stuff though, I enjoyed it.

March 30th, 2006, 23:22
I thought it was good. Very well put together. I also thought the propaganda was interesting