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September 1st, 2003, 12:51
According to several movie websites, this movie is reported to be the sequel to the 1995 movie DESPERADO. But apparently some of the returning actors that played as characters that came to unfortunate ends, have return, such as Cheech Marin, but actually he played like 3 different roles in that movie, so thats a bad example. For the people that have already veiwed the screening last year in Austin, they've been giving this movie a lot of great comments.

I dont know about you but Desperado is one of my freakin favorite action movies of all time, Banderas is freakin awesome everytime he plays a serious role. As well as the babe- a-licious Salma Hayek, yeah I know those are .. just woa. But to add more coolness, JOHNNY DEPP is in this movie too, they say he's got a pretty big role, but I'm not sure if he's the good guy or the bad guy, but he totally looks freaking TIGHT MAN! Like Devil May Cry tight. Like uber tight, like slim shady tight! ok.. maybe not slim shady. BUT IT ROX BALLS! I cant wait for it to come out! Movie will be released in Theatres



(picture source from www.imdb.com)

THESE PICS ARE SOO FREAKIN BAD- A! YEAH!!! MAN I CANT WAIT !!! Man like totally uber! D00ds!!! *passes out*

September 6th, 2003, 07:52
Actually, its the last movie of a trilogy:

#1 - El Mariachi (1992)
#2 - Desparado (1995)
#3 - Once Upon a Time In Mexico (2003)

It's just funny to that Robert Rodriguez took a few years off to make his Spy Kids Trilogy... two very different audiences and genres.

September 6th, 2003, 21:55
oh yeah thanks! thats right I knew somethign was missing!

Thomas Monberg Thompson
September 7th, 2003, 20:23
Not to mention the second genre to be a bit em..... well lets not be too harsh as critics

September 12th, 2003, 22:00
Man dudes I just got back from checking this movie out and it was FREAKING COOL. The intro so TOTALLY ROCKED! Banderas was AWESOME! Lots of pretty damn cool action Devil May Cry style. Johnny Depp serves as the minor comical releif, but towards the end he was freaking TIGHT

This movie doesnt really have as much action as Desperado has cause the plot was from about 3 different points of views other then the Mariachi, which I didnt really like cause I wish there was more of Banderas kicken butt.
Depp is this corrupt CIA agent trying to get the same bad guy[this corrupted general-which controlls the entire mexican army- that plans to overthrow the mexican capital - who at the same time is partnered with this evil Cartel (Willem Dafoe -with make up on he really does look mexican)] that Banderas wants to take on revenge on. So Depp practically hires him cause he knows this Mariachi has a death wish (which makes Banderas look even cooler). At the same time there is this retired FBI agent also out for revenge on the Cartel cause they torchered and kill his partner (and bestfriend) years ago- now he too gets some help from Depp.
And yes the moment you've been waiting for.. THe Mariachi Trio -who will assist Banderas against the corrupt generals army?? Nothing really surprising. THey could have done without Enrique Iglesia. But there was only one cool part with his guitar case along like his drunk brother who also had a case with a special ability. Too bad that cool scene was short and honestly not as cool as the two dudes that helped Mariachi in Desperado ( dude with the violin gatling gun cases, and the dude with the bazooka guitar case)
Even though Banderas doesnt have as many butt kicking parts (cause the whole time it shows how they are planning to get the bad guy) at the parts where he does, you'll be pleased at the style he uses to make his kills. Salma Heyak is beautiful and as sexy as ever... but... well.. uhm.. you'll see.

I just like the comic book feeling this movie gives me. Overall the stories pretty good. Action is pretty cool but really could have been more. They have a LOT cooler Weapons then before! Dafoe plays a pretty good mexican for a white guy. But foremost Depp and Banderas earn the movies coolness.

4 out of 5 jalepanos.


BTW:I saw El Mariachi, for a movie that had a budget of $3000 it had a pretty decent story.. its like the Terminator of Mexican movies. too bad Banderas wasnt in that movie. but THE WORST acting I've ever seen. They used one of those freaking old VHS camcorders to film the movie (if you remember its what you use to film your America Most Funniest Home Videos)

September 14th, 2003, 14:19
the movie was fantastic--just a fun movie--i loved it :) but i don't know if it was better than desperado....antonio banderas & johnny depp were really cool, but depp was just a evil in the movie--he was just so scummy it was great. i love this trilogy :)

now someone said that after the credits there is an extra bit. that sucks cause i didn't stay for that...has anyone seen the extra stuff?

September 14th, 2003, 16:15
From The Miami Herald:
"Once Upon a Time in Mexico is the fourth movie Rodriguez has completed in the last three years, but the director says he has no plans to slow down. He's already planning his next two films, one a computer-animated feature, the other a psychological thriller that he describes as "Hitchcock on acid.''

Hilight this text for the after credits reveal:

<table bgcolor="#000000"><tr><td>Its reported that after the credits "The Blind Gunslinger" (hint, hint) walks towards the screen all the while the camera focusing on his glasses.</td></tr></table>

September 15th, 2003, 02:09
Originally posted by Professor Clayton
From The Miami Herald:

Hilight this text for the after credits reveal:

<table bgcolor="#000000"><tr><td>Its reported that after the credits "The Blind Gunslinger" (hint, hint) walks towards the screen all the while the camera focusing on his glasses.</td></tr></table>

oh--you are killing me here--i missed that? *sobbing in corner*

September 15th, 2003, 19:00
awww maaan!! what the friggin-A!! Everytime its like every movie is doing that now! I missed the one in POTC tooo!!! *cries too*

*name Cameo* Moco (the name of the Chihuahua) is the same name of the old guy in the bar who was killed by the original guy who owned the guitar case full of weapons.(before the Mariachi coincidentally had his guitar case switched with this guy- then on became known as EL Mariachi).

Professor Watkins
September 16th, 2003, 10:22
Saw it last night, and besides the great scene where Banderas and Hayek are chained together I thought it was pretty lame. It was so very, very predictable, that I knew what was happening scenes before it would actually happen. The editing was HORRIBLE, no continuity, it was often hard to decide, "now how many people are chasing him" and "hey, I thought he already killed that guy"

Not to mention the spider-man shots where somehow people were magically scaling up the walls of the church. The horribly melo-dramatic scene where Banderas is saying "too much blood has been spilt; but I see more must be spilt now" and the general telling all of his soldiers to leave the room so he could have a showdown with Banderas who obviously has TWO BIG guns pointed right at him (but somehow he thinks he can get his pistol under his shirt, in his holster faster than Banderas can pull the trigger).

Overall, it had campy moments, but wasn't a campy movie; it has action shots but somehow wasn't an action movie; and what was up with those cheesy flashbacks?

Banderas was interesting and was the only character to actually have any change. Depp was entertaining; and the guy who played the old FBI agent was good. Other than that, I really, really didn't like this movie.

If it's any indication, there were about 4 people in the theatre with my wife and I. It will be interesting to see how many people see this movie this second weekend.

I'd give it maybe 1/2 a Jalepeno.

Professor Watkins
September 22nd, 2003, 08:22
From 1st to 4th in one weekend. Word of mouth spreads quickly.