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August 25th, 2003, 21:08
OH MY GOD!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!



Transformers Armada

Image 1 (http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/transformersA_082503_9.jpg)

Image 2 (http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/transformersA_082503_12.jpg)

Image 3 (http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/transformersA_082503_10.jpg)

<table border="3" cellpadding="5"><tr><td>Edit: Will, thanks for the post. There are a lot of great images there, but posting a link with a pass-through page is unbearable in most cases. There are a whole slew of images that are on that site are cool. To see them visit the thumbnail page... or replace the ??'s with a number from 1-16 at the end of the link below to see more (i.e "transformersA_082503_??.jpg")

ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/transformersA_082503_16.jpg (http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/transformersA_082503_16.jpg)

Here's the direct link to the ARTICLE (http://ps2.ign.com/articles/429/429131p1.html)

-- MC</td></tr></table>

August 25th, 2003, 21:26
Aww what the heck! Just when I had my hopes up.. I find out its being developed from Atari, THEY BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP! *shakes fist*

Joseph Blalock
August 26th, 2003, 08:16
those are some awesome models!

August 26th, 2003, 14:32
More than meets the eye! or something along that line. I use to love the transformer when i was a young kid, and i still on some ocasion glance at the new transformer toys. yet these 3d images of the transformer are awsome! i really like them alot!

i am still waiting for a 3d movie on transformers - that would be an awsome movie that i would definetly be going to......

cool game - but needs to be done on PS2!!!!

August 26th, 2003, 17:35
Originally posted by BigPoppaPump
cool game - but needs to be done on PS2!!!!

From the article:

Atari Games today revealed its plans to bring Hasbro Inc.'s Transformer Armada: Prelude to Energon exclusively to PlayStation 2 in spring 2004.

BPP, you're in luck!

August 26th, 2003, 19:15
that is cool to hear! Yeah I am a PS2 freak, and in fact i am playing GTA Vice City at the moment!

Thanks MC

Thomas Monberg Thompson
August 27th, 2003, 09:09
If you guys ever got the chance to play Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar, youd see the power of atari, especially the adictive trama you would go through. I wouldnt worry, they are good game designers

September 18th, 2003, 14:19
<b>Below is the link that will take you to some info regarding G.I. Joe and Transformers Movies. </b><br><br>

Today's preview pages cover movies based upon two boy-centric Hasbro toy franchies that were most popular in the 1980s: G.I. Joe and Transformers:

1 Transformers: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hp&cf=prev&id=1808512169<br><br>2. G.I. Joe: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hp&cf=prev&id=1808512049