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July 13th, 2005, 08:47
Saw this last week as well and liked it too.

The acting was okay, the effects were good, and I loved how The Thing (Chiklis) and The Human Torch (Evans) played off each other. It was classic.

Doom was all wrong, but they needed to do something other than have him be a crazed dictator with no powers and a metal mask... so he worked for the plot to advance.

Hopefully in the next film, we'll see an FF with confidence and better control over their powers.

The bext scene was Johnny Storm going down the mountain and... you know when you see it.


The Fantastic Four gets ∗∗∗ out of ∗∗∗∗ from me.

August 25th, 2005, 11:34
I liked the movie overall, mostly the effects though.

One of the guys that used to work at Atomic, Jabbar Raisani did alot of work on the movie, from what I was told.

I'm a pretty big movie critic usually, but I didn't expect much as far as acting, so I guess I wasn't let down. Overall a good movie, for what it was...

I didn't know they were making another one.. that should be interesting. :)