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August 18th, 2003, 02:10
Take away all levels of morality, meaning, and practicality, and add well choreographed nude scenes, a profusive amount of gore, and one long kickbutt battle between the two of our most feared (now just a duo of glorified ballyhoos) boogy monsters, leaves you with Freddy Vs. Jason.

First off the nude scenes were ...uhm wow.. and also served as a tool to distract people who are easily scared of this sorry excuse for a horror flick. If anything, I would have guessed it was the same guy who choreographed Road to Perdition... haahahah...ehem *joke*... ok nvm.. The killings/ special effects were somewhat creative, but Jason had the coolest style of them all. The director really gave Jason the "good guy" image because of his bullied childhood thanks to his freakish facial structure.

This movie is nowhere near the definition of scary, there are too many predictable jumpy scenes to leave you anticipating one after the other. I couldnt stop laughin throughout the whole movie. Although, Jason X and Freddy's Dead were the funniest of the series, this installment went for more of the "cool" look with its AWESOME SOUNDTRACK. The beginning of the movie starts out with a lot of cool but unnesseccary nudity, then moves steeply into a gorefest, then a bunch of jibberish as these pathetic excuse for actors try to figure what the heck is going on, then comes the coolest hyped up fight scene ever, and then.. a very predicatable yet dissappointing ending.

As far as story, I cant really give you detail cause I was too distracted by the female bareness and the Crouching Freddy hidden Jason kungfu fighting. But to narrow it down it was basically Nightmare on Elm Street 1, Friday the 13th 1, Mortal Kombat, and late night softcore sex movies they air on the Showtime channel, all this mixed into one.

The fight scene ultimately makes this movie's worth!!! Yes Freddy does do a bit of kung fu, but for the most part it was like watching a duo boogy man allstar version of Super Smash Bros. Malee on big screen. If you are a true fan of the series you'll pretty much know what to expect but will be really pleased to see these too macho guys-back-in-the-action once again.

It's worth watching if you are bored and have already seen all the good movies released this summer. 6/10 jalepanos.

August 18th, 2003, 07:02
Well it made $36M this past weekend, opening up at #1 (surprise, surprise)...

Internet rumors abound that because of the success, a sequel is in the works; but with a twist.

Seems the owner of the rights to another classic horror villian has approached New Line to add his guy to the mix.

If it happens, we'll have Freddy Kruger v. Jason Voorhees v. Michael Myers of "Halloween" fame!

Other sites have Ash (Bruce Campbell) from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies as a participant. Ash would get his rear-end handed to him before the end of the opening credits.

August 18th, 2003, 09:34
AHAHA no way!!!! A sequel!!!!!!!!!! ho man that would be tight! After Mike Myers, I think it would be even cooler if Chuckie got involved, and then Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites with a bunch of matrix effects right when they slice a victum in two you get to see the torso pop off in mid air as the camera pans around in some grocery store meat market!, HOOO man that would be soooo bad A! They should call the final VS.-movie, Hell Circus or Tortured Souls or something, and then the next step for killing this new Vs series, is to install a videogame for it, seeing how they were able to release games like BMX XXX, by the time this Hell Circus game comes out, ESRB will be rating so many "A" games enough to approve boobies and guts in every game!!! Yeah they should make Hell Circus part Halo (strictly bladed, chain, or spiked weapons for you to choose from, you know, the stuff you can get at Hot Topic or Spencers at the Mall) and then part Smash Bros. Malee (with Gore supermoves and Matrix Ripp offs), I dont know how that would work, but that would be way cool! Only this time they wont choose some crappy game company like ATARI to create it.
Sorry I got caught up into my own imagination. Yeah well, anyways, good to hear they gonna make a sequel!