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July 27th, 2003, 09:10
ho my God guys,

this is way cool, it probably shows that I dont really go out much,

I went to Sam's and they had this Sony PC model that had these phenomonal componants: 3.2 GHZ AMD XP proc.,1gig ddr ram, 16x dvd player, 52x24x52 cdrw, and a 128 mb GF4 graphic card, and 18in flatscreen LCD monitor with all the other standard stuff (Nic, Floppy, etc.) With the graphickit integrated ( red white and yellow composite video in and svideo in)
all this for...... *drumroll....* $1700
yes I kid you not. I swear.

yeah that made me faint. Funny thing is.. this was LAST YEAR's model and their selling this top of the line comp at a damn good price. THis computer is better then anything(with the exception that that there is no quadro graphic card included) that I've seen at all the other Retail stores. There's no telling what they'll have in stock a year from now.. Of course the down thing is that its all integrated.
Heck if this is what they got for PC's I need to check out what they have for laptops!
Sorry UIW, you can have your IBM.