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March 1st, 2005, 09:20
Battle Royal is some famous Japanese book hailed as the modern "Lord of the Flies." Apparently there should be a translated copy or 3 at some book store near you. However, I don't got no time to do that "reading" thing! So I rented the DVD which is supposed to be new (although the movie looks around 4 years old?).

Battle Royal 1:
Its all in not english but the idea isn't complicated, an entire class of middle school students are placed on an island and forced to kill each other with various intruments of death while remaining in school unifroms. It deals with serious topics facing the world's youth today like why being a member of the "in-group", or any group, can make you an easy grenade target. Or perhaps how a girl's 9mm will never forget gossip! Even though the story line is somewhat "special", the acting is actually decent. I'm certain this movie accurately portrays what it's like to be brutally tazed to death by an angry Japanese schoolgirl. I would have to say the highlight of the movie was when the teacher (guy from that DMX yakuza movie) threw a knife at a student's head for back-talking. The DVD also has some very nice additional features! You can watch the the same cute "rules" video that the children were forced to watch at gunpoint or you can scroll over a class photo which will reveal important information about the student's. Things like blood type, location of death, and weapon are all displayed in 'military' format.

4 of 5 jalapenos...er..sushi for this one! Fun for the WHOLE family since its a children's movie.

April 24th, 2005, 22:28
oh yea...its that duder thats still stuck in Japan...yea you guys its weird to see this come out of a Japanese mind but Battle Royale..oh man I just wouldnt want to be in those classes. The second one sucked!