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February 6th, 2005, 00:22
I hadnt seen it posted yet but I think this movie deserves some respect....if there had to be a comic book movie that was ever done in blck and white this is how i would imagine it...too bad there are some people starring in it that I dont agree with....

Sin City Trailer (http://www.apple.com/trailers/miramax/sin_city.html)

February 6th, 2005, 10:52
looks really cool, but yeah some of those actors/actresses arent the best but we'll see maybe they will suprise me as some do (ex. i actually liked the butterfly effect).


March 7th, 2005, 21:29
Yeha man holy crap I totally cant wait for this movie, I been freaking out ever since I saw the trailer months ago, the only decent Comic book movie I've seen would be SPiderman2, and this on seems to look very very very... promising.

theres a new trailer released for it here


btw Kelly i fyou liked the Butterfly effect, check out Donnie Darko

The Track to the trailer is "Cells from THe Servants" if any one is wondering.

April 2nd, 2005, 17:45
I saw this yesterday, and it kicked arse. I don't know why I'm saying that really since the story confused the hell out of me. I'm not familiar with the graphic novel at all. The overall presentation of the film was top notch in my book. It was one of the most, if not THE, goriest and violent movies I've ever seen. The style and inner-narration thing just made me want to go home and play MAX PAYNE all over again. I guess it was that whole "noir" thing. This is also like THE total guy film, so guys, if your women are into chick flicks and you get dragged to them all the time, take your honey to see SIN CITY for a real treat ;) .

oh, and i should point this out. prior to seeing this film, i thought it was gonna suck when i saw the entire cast of who was in it. usually movies with a ton of big name actors don't do so well. the trailers and tv commercials didn't win me over. but i was wrong, some of the actors suprised me with their characters, like elijah wood. i'll never see that hobbit the same again.

April 2nd, 2005, 20:10
Storywise, I had zero problems, actually I'm lieing. There was a scene in the near the end in the farm, where they had Elijah Wood's character shown in the foreground through a doorway, but he didn't do anything while stuff was going on around him....it bothered me for about 2 seconds. As far as it being violent and gory....The Passion of the Christ comes to mind as being violent and gory. But things tend to get said, and next thing you know something is blown out of proportion. Although I will agree, it is up there in those 2 categories. I didn't go for the violence and gore, the story and art were what drew me. And yeah, even line delivery from Michael Madsen was a nod back to old school detective/gangster movies in black and white, I thought it was a nice little thing to have in there.

I agree, the cast kinda tempted me and abhorred me at the same time. They were trying to bring in different groups for sure, thats why the cast as a whole didn't appeal to me. But seeing the movie, I can say that I had no problems at all with it.

April 19th, 2005, 14:01
i know this is late but after i saw it i thought it was visually stunning as described but i couldnt really get into it....and I couldnt help thinking how horrible it was for Jessica Alba to kiss Bruce William....sorry i know its just me

April 19th, 2005, 14:28
The Passion of the Christ comes to mind as being violent and gory.
That's a funny comparrison... here's what a couple folks said over at another board I visit:

It's gonna sound weird and it even makes my head spin to think of making the comparison, but my reaction to this movie was very similar to The Passion of the Christ. Both great looking movies with good performances made by directors who obviously knew what they wanted to go for. But the never-ending, continous violence just took away too much for me. I don't know how I would change it personally. I think you could address the issue while still remaining true to the books and not cutting any violence. My point was the violence is the movie. There isn't any character development to speak of (my similar complaint with The Passion of the Christ) and the story is neglected in favor of inventive ways of showing the violence. Hell, I enjoyed the movie overall, just will probably never see it again and it won't stick with me because it was all glitz and shine rather than much under the surface in my opinion. Perhaps I would have a problem with the original graphic novels for Sin City, but that doesn't change my problems with the film version.

To me if the idea to create this film was to do something groundbreaking with digital technology, stay true to the soure material and do a movie for mainly fans of the graphic novels, it's a success. Just as Passion was a success on some levels if it was intended for people who already knew the story of Christ. But if you are aiming to make an entertaining movie that goes any deeper than the surface that has the ability to entertain more than a niche market, then this movie failed in my opinion.

Which was followed up by:

Actually not a bad analogy, though I think the violence is used in different ways in each film.

The point of the Passion of the Christ (at least to me) wasn't to explain what happenned to those unfamiliar with the life of Christ or to even really tell a story. It was meant to invoke in those who watch it the depth of the sacrifice made on their behalf. I think the violence was an integral part of imparting that sense of suffering and was meant to be overboard and exaggerated. I would think that those who don't "buy into" this aspect of the Catholic religion would be less likely to find the violence acceptable. (And my apologies if I've incorrectly assumed that would be one of those people.)

But for Sin City, the violence is part of the atmosphere of the world these people live in. Everything is so corrupt and so bad, that the heroes are crooks and killers themselves, and to make an impact, or to exact a kind of revenge that can stand out and send a message you have to go to the extremes they go to in these stories. If you have a priest who helps someone EAT women because he doesn't want anyone to know he's using them for sexual favors, then what do you to them? What does a man who is already a monster (however noble he might be among the other monsters he lives with) react when people like this hurt him? Moreover, I thought these were actually very interesting morality tales, rather than simply stories of bad people doing bad things. Revenge (as a movie theme) is certainly nothing new, but the "good guys" all had a (albiet twisted) moral code that had been adapted to the crazy world they lived in.

It is a lot violence though. I believe it's there to serve the film, but I can see how it would start to be too much. I'd read the books before seeing the film, so it wasn't as new or shocking to me either.