View Full Version : Trying to Find a Picture of Watkins

January 15th, 2005, 16:18
-->Alright Watkins youve made me do this!!!

Ok heres the story people..:

I am designing a website for Web 2 and am taking all the teachers using a certain hat( see image) And I have taken a photograph of Fagan and Clayton wearing the hat for the purpose of when you mouse over one of my buttons then it was supposed to change to that teacher.....

WELL I asked Watkins to take a picture with the hat on but he refused!! He said that I should just photoshop it on...which I plan on doing with your help..

Now I am calling for everyone and anyone to see if you guys have a picture of Watkins....PLEASE if anyone has a picture of Watkins then please email it to me (ainoreichan@yahoo.com) or please post it up here! It would be most helpful...Thank You!!!

Karen Pedroza...aka Kareko

-->If you want to see Watkins wearing this hat then please post up your pics thank you!!

The picture is on this page: http://www.cgauiwtalk.com/showthread.php?p=9672#post9672