View Full Version : PS2 SLIM Problems Technical Errors?

January 14th, 2005, 16:45
Just wondering a few months back I read the PS2 Slim was having a lot of problems, has any one had any problems yet? one of the things mentioned I read in the article was that it couldnt last for 3hours on and would crash the game, so you'd have to restart your ps2 about every 3 hours so that it doesnt heat up, anyone have any conflicts relative to that?

January 17th, 2005, 00:59
I haven't heard anything at Sam Goody, but then again we've only sold about 4 of them...

Professor Watkins
January 17th, 2005, 09:35
I have one, and haven't had any problems......I personally haven't played it for very long at a time, but I took it on vacation and my nephew played it for over 3 hours each day easily without a problem.

nowhere man
January 23rd, 2005, 15:54
I hope the new PStwo doesn't have any major problems.

I'm thinking of getting this new trimmed down version; my old one went ka-put on me over the winter break. :(

I'm thinking I'll mail in my old one to Sony to get it fixed (they'll do it for free) and then trade it in for a new one when I get it back.

January 24th, 2005, 22:57
You have a first generation PS2? cause they dont read newer games like GTA: SA, or Tony Hack UG2, etc. if you do let sony know abou this prob and spice it up with the "Disappointed Loyal Consumer" role. Act surprise when they give you the good news. then fork over the 20 bucks shipping with Fed ex or whatever recieve it in a week sell it at Game Rush, cause they give 80 dollars instore credit which is way more then EB or game stop, then use that credit to buy the Slim from them. provided you got the remaining balance.

I just got mine a few weeks ago, the dang thing is literally the size of a dvd case, thats about half the size of the original PS1 and smaller then the PSX.
Havent had any problems with mine yet, though I haventplayed it alot lately except for this weekend went a little overboard with San Andreas. I had to put it away cause it was distracting and was beginning to get me into talking all gangster like. Just the other day my mom told me to do my laundry and I responded "Man, I aint got no beef wit you!?" yeah thats when I knew i had to put down the controller. By the way G is short form for Gangster thats why thugs call their brothers homie Gs' thats a fact you'll never find under a Snapple Cap, Crap, great, I'm even starting to rap.

nowhere man
January 25th, 2005, 16:25
Yeah, it was a 1st generation model (I picked it up the day it came out). But it played all the newer games fine.

A year or two ago, I recieved the dreaded DRE (Disc Read Error). I had that fixed. But just last month, the thing started scratching up discs. My copy of San Andreas is now ruined. The guys at Sony told me to mail in a proof of purchase or the game itself and they'll either furbish me with a new copy of the game or the cost of the game.

- sigh -