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July 2nd, 2003, 21:11
REVIEW [no spoilers]

"You can't altar your destiny. The future has been written and it is inevitable."

Ok... I just got back with my dad. After walking out of the theatre I was like....woa... Not a Matrix Reloaded ...."WOA! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD that movie was soooo THE **** I piss my pants but wait a minute give me a week to contemplate the meaning of the ending" kind of (woa). My reaction to the end of T3 was just a calm... and suttle.... "woa..."

First off... the ACTION and SPECIAL FX
I just wanna say... compared to Matrix Reloaded, this movie honestly OWNS MORE ***!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the freeway chase scene in Reloaded? T3's chase scene...literally shows "who's daddy!!". ITS LIKE 10 TIMES ******* MORE INTENSE!!!! And the best part about it, the whole chase scene IS REAL, some minor CG tweaks, but the demolishing, slamming, and smashing of all the vehicles were REAL!!!, except for ...well... you'll see..
The good thing about how the movie was structured was the way the director initially grabbed our attention, saying "ACTION FIRST, story will come later."
For the CG special FX, very very well done, just nearly a seamless transition and very intense. For those of you anticipating to see Arnold's exoskin ripped up and torn, partiall revealing his mechanical self, well you are in for a treat. But the Overall action is just nearly non stop, so much to the point that it may possibly get tiring (or maybe its just cause I got back from finishing an 8 page report and 2 exams). But I honestly have lost count of how many times I've said "Holy ****"

The acting...
Very good acting, Nick Stahl does a great job of being John Conner, Kate Brewster who obviously plays an important role for John's future is played by Claire Danes, and Kristanna Loken... ooooo soooo sexy, (nude booty in the beginning) but plays the mechanically advanced femme fatal, the T-X.
And of course Arny, an out-dated model T-100 has returned to kick *** and chew bubble gum.

Within all the action scenes, there were alot of funny parts that really taunted the seriousness of the movie, but all very well done transitioned. Once again if you are strictly an Action movie guy, this would be like the ultimate porno you'd ever want. Lots of Boom, and lots of bang.
Overall, the movie kept me on the edge anticipating how the hell they are going to stop the destruction of the human race as well as all the intense scenes that occur along the way. The ending I will not ruin for you guys, so dont worry, but I'm actually trying to figure out if that was a cliff hanger or not.

Anyways, the movie is DEFINITELY WELL WORTH YOUR BUCK!!! GO SEE T3!!!!!!!!!!
9 out of 10

"You can't altar your destiny. The future has been written and it is inevitable."

July 3rd, 2003, 11:03
I'm glad you enjoyed the film, but next time contain your excitement and hold the language.

The administration of our university and school does read these messages from time to time, so please keep it to a minimum.


Roger Ebert (the one with the fat thumb) said about T3 and I quote:

"Essentially one long chase and fight, punctuated by comic, campy or simplistic dialogue."

He gave it ** 1/2.

July 3rd, 2003, 14:33

This was definitely not an intelletual thriller but you have to take it for what it is... a popcorn summer blockbuster and sometimes you just gotta love those movies. This movie wasn't as great as the first two but it had its moments. I think T2 was more groundbreaking in the CG department and this movie just seemed to go with the flow of all the FX out there. The FX were not bad since several of the FX were more physical and not CG like most movies out today. Although when they did dive into CG FX (with Arny's head being digital) it just didn't look right. Overall this movie is just what it is, a summer blockbuster that you can use to escape from the world for awhile and really nothing more. Although I'll probably get it on DVD because that chase scene was pretty cool and one of the greatest car chases of all time. It's up there with the Rock in my book. Some reviewer I saw online thought the car chase was a little comical because it was so over the top but all I have to say is "come on" this is Terminator. Everything has to be bigger and better. Not a bad movie, good mix of physical and CG FX much like a Jurassic Park. Go see it and tell the board what you think...

July 3rd, 2003, 15:40
Well, you have me convinced, Iím going to buy tickets for this weekend. I have also read the reviews for T3, and for a minute I was beginning to think that T3 might be just another dude. But what do those movie critics know about what is a good movie and what is a bad movie. There really isnít a standard out there that all critics rate movies, so I say why even bother reading those review. Those critics get paid to rate movies, full of their BS ideology, and people read their BS like it was the bible. We donít need no stinking critics!

Man the other day I was able to get the last part of the original Terminator, and I can honestly say they did a great job with the technology they had. Terminator two was also a fantastic movie, and I am looking forward to watching T3. So my next post will be about how bad a(&(s the movie was. Iíll be Back.

July 3rd, 2003, 21:47
I just saw the movie and I gotta say, wow. I am easy to please when it comes to movies, I tend not to bother with how deep soemthing is or all this other nitpicky stuff but instead I just go for whether or not I enjoyed the movie. Either way, it was a good movie in my book. Transitions between real and CG were quite smooth, though since I have an eye for 3d I know it when I see it. The action scenes were indeed great, especially that chase scene, and yeah, unlike Matrix most of it was the real thing. It will be interesting to see how they do future Terminator movies from this one (I'm pretty sure they'll make more sequels, I read some about it in an article somewhere). So yeah, if you want action, this is your movie. It was wicked indeed.

July 3rd, 2003, 23:54
K. sorry bout the language.

So I saw it again today and this movie has really out done itself.
As mentioned about the CG Arnie, suprisingly he's not entirely CG

As mentioned on IGN filmforce "So, the last image you see of Arnold Schwarzenegger in T3, from the time he gets out of that helicopter, is a combination of Arnold, prosthetic make-ups, and CGI ... It's pretty wonderful." IMHO it looked absolutely believable and a lot more impressive then what Matrix CG content has provided so far. The crain truck that slams into the ground and flips over is just one of the best vehicle CG scenes I've ever seen.

One thing I dont quite understand is the part where we find out John will be killed by Arnie. Arnie says his T- model will attend the funeral of John " because of the emotional attachment that john had attained during his early youth." I understand the obvious, but I dont understand the deep reason of it. "

Anyways, so what do you think? Going to be a T4? Cause like Arnie says to John "We'll meet again". and John also stating "The war has only just begun." We dont really know "when" he will be killed and why, how, and by whom, if his destiny is to be the one that saves us all.
BTW: I'm pretty sure they will make one, but when? I read in another site that since all of the movies were 10 years apart, they might do the same here, but whether Arny comes back, I doubt.

Terminator 4 (http://www.upcomingmovies.com/terminator4.html)

July 17th, 2003, 13:41
Well, what can I say, I really enjoyed sitting for almost 2 hrs as the story unfolded before my very eyes, but just like the Matrix reloaded, T3 kind left me wanting to know more about the ďFamous John Conner and how he became this Leader of the Resistance,Ē so it kind of left me hanging. Wanting more information about the war and how Conner comes to defeat sky-NET. I would really like to see T4, if they decide to make the movie, and so far it seems like they will make it. I would really like to see Arnie in it, because he is the reason that T3 has been so successful Ė not to mention Cameron the greatest director. Still I really enjoyed the movie, but it was not a kick butt movie like the Matrix Ė sorry to let you people down that do no like the Matrix.

One thing I donít quite understand is the part where we find out John will be killed by Arnie. Arnie says his T- model will attend the funeral of John " because of the emotional attachment that john had attained during his early youth." I understand the obvious, but I donít understand the deep reason of it. "

I really didnít see anything deeper than the obvious. Can you clarify by ďDeep reason?Ē

July 17th, 2003, 15:06
yeah Arnie is actually a machine in this movie. =D

July 17th, 2003, 15:12
What is that supposed to mean. Can't we have an adult convo here? Just want to understand that is all, and nothing else.

I kind of got confused about the arnie part, and just want to understand another person's point of view. That's all - jeez whizz

yeah Arnie is actually a machine in this movie. =D

July 17th, 2003, 15:47
By the way Larry, James Cameron didn't direct T3, it was Jonathon Mostow. He directed U-571 and Breakdown (which was really well-done).

July 17th, 2003, 16:13
Yeah I know, he directed T1 and T2 and everyone knows that you cannot have 2 and 3 without one. The main movie directed by CAM - the movie that made T2 and T3 - wow using so many ands