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December 3rd, 2004, 09:01
Hey man, need your help if possible,and I'd greatly appreciate it if you can, PLEASE.
I have playstation 2 thats old and I know theres deals at all the game stores, that you can get a good amount of credit back for selling your old functional version of a PS2. I want to get a new slim PS2. My Ps2 works great loads games great, and I got my girlfriend to clean it up all them dust bunnies pretty darn good too. But theres a little cosmetic problem with my PS2. The tray cover piece is gone. see uhm...uh.... we'll just use.. "my friend"..... "My friend" "borrowed" my PS2 and started to play burnt games on my PS2, thats right, "my friend" he used some sort of technique with the gameshark but it apparently required the removal of the cover of the tray, so you can take an ID card cut out into the shape of a hook to open the PS2 tray manually,using the GS to trick the PS2 into putting itself ito game loading mode so it can read the burnt game's sectors,..... but technically I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WORKS cause remember, My Friend did it. not me.

So you seee my prob is that theres no tray cover, I bought a tray duplicate off of gameconsolerepair.com thinking that I could take the tray cover off the new tray and putting it on to the old tray. but I'm afraid I may break it.

My question to you is, will Gamestop still buy my system the way it is? If so, can you hook me up, plleeeasssee!! If not would you happen to know how to repair my prob?

Plus is Gamestop still selling all the bargain bin games? Which gamestop do you work at?

THanks alot man I would apprecaite any help, and I'll manage to pay you back some how in some form of something.

Zero Ska
December 3rd, 2004, 10:45
Ah, yes the Take-off-the-Disc-tray-cover-to-play-import-and-burned-games trick.

Hmm, well Gamestop needs the system to look a certain way. The disc cover is what is needed. Its not too hard to switch the covers out. I think you either pull it up or out. You could also try and go to Gamer's on Thousand Oaks and Nacogodoches (http://www.gamersconsolerepair.com/maps.htm). They repair systems and I would think they would have an extra disc tray cover to put on the system, if not the one you have. I am not sure what they would charge just to put the cover back on, I don't think it will be a lot.

Like I was saying before, about the system looking a certain way: It needs to have a Sony Controller, all of the wires (AC and AV cables), and the sticker on the back can't be removed. All of that trades in for $85 in store credit. If you plan on trading it in for the new, slimer system, all you would have to pay is about $70.03, with tax and everything, that is unless you have other stuff to trade in. I forgot to add, that is if the system is working properly. It has to play Blue/Silver/PS1 discs. If not, then it would be $35 with everything.

Yup, we still have a bargin bin at the one I work it. It has games that are $10 and under. Plus we do have a sale that is Buy 2 get 1 free going on too.

I work at the Gamestop on Naco and O'conner.

Oh ya! The new PS2 is really hard to find. I sold 3 just on Wednesday.