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November 29th, 2004, 19:32
My suite mate rented the much talked about X-Men Legends and tried it out for a while as I sat there and watched.

Based on the special I had seen on Tech TV, Raven Software appeared to have done a HUGE amound of research and work to the make the game a spectaculer success. The CG models were high resolution with an insane polygon count and amazing texture. The game also promiced the ability to form your own team for your own personal best results.

Then came the comercials, featuring narration by the super-talented Patrick Stuart (Captain Picard of Star Trek fame) and AWSOME CG animation.

Reality proved to be a cruel mistress indeed, as I watched in total dissapointment at the final product.

...All real time action is from a "plane view" that is so restriction that it is impossible to tell if a flight og stairs is infront of you or abouve you. This proves dissapointing in fight scenes and especially boss fights. It made the game reak of "Gauntlet Legend", except GL did it better in its day and age. The point could be made when Cyclops shot his beam straight through Wolverine (revealing the weakness of the X,Y axess game lay out).
Tragically, the levels present a lot of environtmental obstacles, like fire and caved in streets. This would not be a problem if it were not that you must start as Wolverine! The Tough-talking mutant can't jump over a wall of flame as he should be able to, and the pre-scripted level won't let you call on another mutant for help (Storm could have put out all of the level's fires, Raven chose to forgue obvious convenience for annoying, winding level design.

...Additionally, the scenes that comprise the remainder of the game- such as down time and totorials are often done an extremely zoomed out overhead view. The totorial proved comical as you can run for an unlimited amount of time in the mansion- forcing the little Prof. X sprite to zip after you like a kid in a little go-kart!

...And then there are the Game sprites. The X-Men and the other characters were- for as long as I watched- rendered in a noticably low polygon count. The design looks pretty good as long as the camera keeps you at what is the equivelent of 10+ meters, and the x-men were made with this in mind. Close up, they look insultingly low res.
The X-Men appear to have been made with what looks like an overtaxed 64 bit engine- not the powerful 128 bit X-Box engine they were destined for. So, basically, the game features a lot of blocky cell-shaded little sprites that seem more apropriate for one of those late 90s RPGs.
The sprites from Metal Gear Solid were from 1999 and they could still be better then what I saw. The X-Men look like they were made back in 1997!

Final Thought: The game is horribly under done and obviously pre-scripted to the max so that the storyline can work. The game came up with a new (and boring) mutant to bring everyone out of the woodwork and a plot device for useless exposition. The 4 man team feature was pointless for as long as I watched- since most of the time pitted Wolferine alone against levels that didn't favor a mutant that couldn't fly or have superstrength. The Only good thing was the voice acting- pitch perfect for Prof. X and the others. But that can't save it in the end.

Definately a fans-only title (2 out of 5)


November 29th, 2004, 20:37
1. Wrong forum.

2. You are more than welcome to post your game reviews here in "The Porch". We might not agree with you, but you are welcomed to post your thoughts.

I have to disagree with you there Edward... I rather liked the game and had a blast playing in co-op mode a few weeks ago.

We were playing the GameCube version (which did you play?), which had little to no loading times and found the game to be quite well paced and evenly matched according to your party.

When you started out as Wolvie, they came at you in pairs or trios which was enough to handle, then once they added Cyclops (after beating Mystique) things got rockin' on the way to rescuing Magma from The Blob.

It had a Freedom Force/City of Heroes feel to it, which I found welcoming.

The run around the X-Mansion and the Danger Room were informative, and it gives you a great base of operations to work with. The upper level of the X-Mansion had a big TV where you could view the cinematics of the game, the library housed the comis covers that you find along the way, and other little fan boy wonders (like the trivia game for experience points).

I liked the method of the characters leveling up and your control of where the points go, and who wearing what.

I think that you are grossly mistaken in some of your judgements and a are a little too harsh on the graphics (according to the online mags, the GCN has the best graphics) and gameplay... come to think of it, did you ever actually play the game or just 'watch your suite mate play'??

Anyways, to sum it up, great game (for $30, not $50) and the single player mode leaves you wanting someone to co-op with... but get a group of 4 playing and it would be heaven (I unfortunately only played with a co-op of two).

I'd give it a solid 4 out of 5.

Too bad Nate had to take it back to NC with him. :(

November 29th, 2004, 21:11
I know that Pyrendust (Larry) and Overwrought (Joey) have played it, and thought it was pretty good. Pyrendust didn't like the having to play for a half hour to get the co-op going.

Popped over to GameRankings and they seem to disagree with you too:

November 29th, 2004, 23:41
Well, I gues it was just me =^_^=

But seriously, I graded it a bir harshly just for fun and to let off some pent of energy. (And a post that would finally get a response)

So I kinda expected that my view would not be all that reflective of the rest of the world.

Perhaps I will go back and investigate it some more

December 2nd, 2004, 19:12
I have it, and I've played it pretty extensively, by myself and with 2 others in co-op. I thought it was pretty damn fun, then again, I happen to like breaking everything that I can see, including walls :D After playing through it, going back and having to re-run though all the X-mansion tutorial type stuff is kind of annoying, but the first run through I really enjoyed it. It gave the game more of a variety, instead of a straight punch punch thing. For me as a fan, it had enough detail to keep me happy, and for my friends (who are X-stupid) it gave them a great run down on characters and some history. I also loved that I could play as Colossus and Beast (woot!). Being able to customize your characters attributes and some limited equipment also added alot for people like me that like that RPGish type of element. I'd definitely say its above average, not perfect, but since ya'll have put up a 5 point scale, I'd say a 4 out of 5 is just about right. And as far as purchasing, if you have friends and you don't hate co-op, this game is worth the money.

Professor Watkins
December 14th, 2004, 19:33
Hmmm...I just played it for a bit (a little over an hour). I actually find myself agreeing with Brendan. Although the game play did have some interesting things, and the character customization was fun, it did have a distinctive 'PSOne' feel to it. I'd get dizzy playing from the top all the time. I thought the cel-shading was an interesting effort but really came off looking retro rather than like a cutting edge comic book.

The biggest issue is that the Xmen have so much angst. Those superheros have a lot of dark energy - which is why I liked the movies. This video game seemed to have the color pallette of 'hello kitty' and was overly bright - kind of the way comics were in the early 80's.

So, suffice it to say, I was pretty glad to put it down actually after an hour. My brother in law really enjoys it; but I'm glad he bought it and not me. I personally wouldn't have paid $30 for it.

My rating: 2.5/5

Anyway, that's my $.02.