View Full Version : Apple announces the G5s!

June 23rd, 2003, 18:37

The link's on the front page... while they look like tight little machines, I'll pass... my G4 is working just fine.

New features, eight RAM slots, PCI-X slots, SATA drives, and 9 fans for individual level cooling... really quite ingenious.

They start at $2k for the 1.6 Ghz version and $3k for the dual-2 Ghz, with 3Ghz promied by year's end.

July 8th, 2003, 10:44
This is one bad mother, and the new operating systems look pretty awesome as well. The G5 with Mac OSX 10.3 is goanna be the best Mac that Steve Job has to date, and I congratulate him on a fantastic upgrade. The 64-bit state of the art processor will hopefully put the Mac in the spotlight, and help it gain some popularity among the average user. AMD is coming out with their version of 64-bit, but that is several month away and the G5 should be available now. The new design is really state of the art, and also smaller than the hefty G4. But what I really like about the G5 is the operating system called Panther. One of the coolest features that I particularly liked allows you to see all the windows with the push of a button. Yes it is far fetch, but hey this G5 has me all jazzed up, only problem I have with this new G5. I cannot afford it. Oh well thanks Mr. Jobs!

Below is a link to the G5 page.

August 6th, 2003, 11:11
Has anyone seen the new G5 commercials - man I have never ever seen a Apple commerical. & now they have one - apple must be making some kind of move to beat Mr. Bill Gates out of his PC kingdom.