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June 6th, 2003, 15:40
Just thought I start the very first thread for "THE HULK."

Also just finished beating the game for PS2 - man thanks to the cheats. haha!! Anyways I loved the game, and Grey hulk is pretty cool. Supposedly the game begins right after the movie, so I am assuming that they might introduce the Grey Hulk in part ll.
Man look at the image below to see how freaky the Hulk looks.

June 6th, 2003, 16:05
I picked up the game for the Gamecube from Best Buy (they were giving you a $15 GC w/ purchase).

I haven't alot of time to play it, but I beat Half-Life and just got to Alcatraz. So far though the game is pretty sweet (and I haven't resorted to cheats yet).

I'm looking forward to the movie and I hope my free ticket (http://www.cgauiw.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=84) gets here soon.

More than likely I'll see this later in the evening, so watch for a Summer Movie Group thread popping up sometime in the next week.

June 8th, 2003, 08:42
Man I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree, this game blows, I swear Clinton's probably had better experiences. I got the PC version supposedly the best of all the versions as far as Graphics and sound goes. I've played it on all the other systems, and I'd have to say for the COnsole the Xbox is the best, the GC version makes the video compression look obvious. The Cutscene animation is VERY WELL DONE. The game play I was expecting to be better, I guess the story is alright, but for the gameplay these are the only moves I've done. I literally cant find any others and am disappointed cause the IGN interview says Hulk's got 45 different moves:

Charged Punch
Gamma Clap
Charged Gamma Clap
Over head Punch slam
Over head Charged Punch slam
Over head Gamma ground stomp
Over head Charged Gamma ground stomp
Ground Slam
Grab throw
Grab gut breaker
Grab leg slam into floor
Grab leg slam into floor pick up leg and slam into floor again on the otherside
Grab head slam into floor
Grab b!tXslap, b!tXslap, head butt

Rage moves ( yeah a WHOLE TWO MOVES):
Uber Ground Slam (does a radial damage bout 3 times as much as the usual)
Uber Gamma Clap (does 3 times as much sound wave damage as the usual)

the 'ol one-two ending with a backhand "b!tXslap" fist -3hit
the 'ol one-two ending with a ground slam -3hit
the 'ol one-two ending with a gama clap -3hit

I'm very disappointed with the Rage moves, its the only time I can get a high number of hits in a combo.. ..like 10 and really I wouldnt call that a combo, with Uber Ground slam, he does this radial damage thing, I was able to get 10 guys in range, and raped all of them at once, thats not a combo, thats a masacre.
Dude like what the heck is that? the only reasonable combo I've done is a five hitter, like this : the 'ol one-two, pause,the 'ol one-two, ending with a backhand b!txslap.
The rage moves are fun at first but then it just gets too easy.
I was expecting like MAD COMBOS like 20 hitters, and when I mean hits, I mean like this :

Punch, kick, slam, Grab, slam, grab, throw, uppercut, jump grab, Head slam, punch backfist to the wall, grab slam enemy head in wall, grab, head-butt-head butt, grab, german suplex, grab legs slam to the left then slam to the right slam to the left and slam to the right, do a 360 swing and release throw him to the wall ( or a group of enemies), and finish with a charged over head dive slam. YOU want rape? thats how you rape, thats how hulk should unleash his fury, till the enemy is nothing more then a pulp of blood and marrow.

And then about those objects and the targeting system, it sucks, how come you cant throw a car at a number of enemies, it automatically targets a single enemy and depletes his health while the other enemies that are like a feet away still full of life? Seldom do I get to damage a group of enemies. that part blows too.

I hate this game, it was fun at first, cause its a great cure for stress relief, I've beaten it like 3 times, not cause its fun but because I had to take out my rage at some of those inconsiderate, spoiled,(not to mention illiterate)and ignorant customers I have to deal with at work, HEB. Throwing a bunch of guards off a city roof top and pretending they are those customers that try to buy beer with their foodstamps causing me to back up my line of other customers while I wait for my manager thats in the corner gossiping about the next employee shes going to lay tonight (and no I dont mean Lay off) , exerts a very delightful feeling. Which reminds me, I think I'm going to reinstall this game.

June 8th, 2003, 10:04
That is really good to hear notime2sleep.

June 8th, 2003, 16:39
notime2sleep: Are you a massicast when it comes to video games?... you hate the game, but have played and beat the game three times? That's a little odd to me.

However, I do share your joy of throwing the guards off the rooftops! :up:

This isn't a game I don't plan on keeping. As soon as I beat it, it's off to eBay with it, and I'll more than likely get my money back. I don't have the time to keep renting the games over and over again, so I buy it, beat it and eBay it... I have yet to lose money that strategy!

.. btw, 12 days 'til the movie comes out!

June 8th, 2003, 18:20
Well like I said it was fun the first time, and then it just tumbles from there.

the longest combo I found is, punch, punch, kick, dash punch, gamma wave. that was cool at first.. then I got bored of it again.
THe good thing about the game is its clean, and very stable.. well for the PC that is. Like I said, the bashing is really a joy, which can be addicting, most things we dont get to do in life but do in certain videogames 'make' a good videogame. I'd say the first 4 levels of the game are cool, and then it just gets stupid from there. futuristic just like everything else and not the bit realistic.

This guy I know showed me a low qual work print of the movie but I'll surely watch this in the theatre. It has a VERY good story, and the CG is astounding just watching him demolish certain military artillary is freaking BAD@$$. I wont spoil it for you guys but everything was well done. The only thing I didnt really like about the movie (as you have seen in the trailers) the jumping. THe physics of his jumping/leaping just doesnt look believable to me, you'll know when the movie comes out. But then again, its a comic book movie, so most things arent supposed to.

I havent read the comic books,but this movie certainly pulls off a well transitioned story UNLIKE MARVEL's LAST TERRIBLE PULL OFF, DAREDEVIL.

Now the thing about the game is, if you already started playing the game, then you've pretty much spoiled the ending of the movie for yourself. Cuase the game is actually a sequel to the movie. "Hint: Bruce says it on the elevator on the second level of the game before he meats the professor that steals part of his gamma powers"

Truth is I'm a harsh critique, but at the same time I accept harsh critisizm to better myself and my work.. which I should be posting somewhere next month after summer school.

Side note: Jennifer Connelly's hot. *drool* If you like her movies, dont for get to check out, Requiem for a Dream.

June 13th, 2003, 14:48
Here is yet another pic of the HULK, and man that looks pretty awesome. Yet a co-woker say the small ears make this images look totally fake, and I disagree. Any ways that is a pretty cool looking image of the HULK

June 13th, 2003, 15:02
I got my free ticket in the mail yesterday from the Glad promotion.

My little bro is coming into town the Tuesday after it comes out so I'm waiting for him to come down and then I'll see it.

June 16th, 2003, 14:28
Man I cannot wait that long to see this movie, and I am probably gonna go this Friday.

Yet another bad a*^*& photo of the HULK!!!

June 19th, 2003, 14:13
AMC Huebner Oaks is having a midnight showing of The Hulk tonight thursday at 12:01am to all who read this and are interested!

June 20th, 2003, 13:02
what will they come up with next? Well what about a 15 ft tall statue of the HULK - check it out in the link below:
http://www.hulkmovies.com/hulk-articles.asp?id=541&headline=Wax%20Hulk%20is%20a%20Headache%20for%20Ma dame%20Tussaud's

June 20th, 2003, 13:19
Originally posted by BigPoppaPump
what will they come up with next? Well what about a 15 ft tall statue of the HULK - check it out in the link below:
http://www.hulkmovies.com/hulk-articles.asp?id=541&headline=Wax%20Hulk%20is%20a%20Headache%20for%20Ma dame%20Tussaud's

June 20th, 2003, 14:55
I enjoyed the movie. It didnt suck and I enjoyed it more than matrix reloaded. In my opinion I enjoyed the first rugrats movie more than matrix reloaded.

June 22nd, 2003, 04:26
Man dudes, finally got to see the theatrical version, and GOSH DO I LIKE SOUND EFFECTS,,HHHRRRRAAARRR!!!
Good stuff,

Deeper, darker, no holes that leave me questionable, great movie. Better then Spiderman? I like Swinging, but I also like more CG integrated into the story of the movie, and this by far the most shown off, of all the Marvel remakes. Even though all the CG was pushed to the second half of the movie it was still a lot of eyecandy. IMHO its was very well directed, once again a $h!# Load better then Daredevil (story transitions). I love the Black Hawk Down/Desert Storm kinda feeling , like even though we know he is the "Hulk" the mood towards the end really gave us something to emote to; "yes he is the (hero), but will they bring him down... will he die.. can he really be stopped?"

Great Movie, gonna see it Monday again. I hate Mondays, so going to go see Hulk makes up for whoever created Mondays that suck(which is all of them)

June 22nd, 2003, 21:26
Yeah, I saw it on friday. I thought the 3d didn't look as convincing in the previews but when I saw the movie it didn't look that bad at all. Not to mention that the movie itself was good in my opinion. Granted, they did use a little too much of those fancy transitions, probably to simulate some kinda comic book feel to it. Some of it was cool, some of it was unnecessary, especially that one where that asshole gets blown up by the grenade bouncing off the Hulk. Overall, it was cool.

June 23rd, 2003, 06:33
I agree, that one part was the least of my favorite transition in that movie. Prior to this movie I was oblivious to the background of the Hulk, like most people that havent read the comics. First time I saw this movie I was disappointed about the unrealistic jumps and leaps, then just like the rest of his supernatural powers it was all explained in the intro. The combination of genes, the monkey- for extreme agility which explains his jumping, the star fish- for regenerating flesh- healing wounds, etc. The movie for me is actually better the second time around.

June 26th, 2003, 00:09
I loved the dirst two hours of the film, but the last 20 mins were down right horrible.

It was a good effort, but it could have really been simplified... alot!

I really missed the Rick Jones character...