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August 6th, 2004, 12:02

August 6th, 2004, 12:51
K I just played this game for the past 8 hours and I beat it. The ending is... eh.. pretty cool I guess but I'll let you find out for yoru own. But I'm sure you all have already seen, as well as heard from official reviewers, that this game has some pretty bad A$$ graphics, man, they werent kidding, best real time animation I've ever seen, sweetest detailed bump maps and textures I've ever seen, as well the most crucial part of the game, lighting. Damn Lighting obvioulsy plays a HUGE part of this game and possibly some pretty good reference for us CG dudes hard at work. But this is of course the first of the many Next generation PC games to come out.

The graphics are so intense that even the latest Nvidia or Ati card cant really fully hold up to it when at max rez(still a bit choppy according to what I've read) But hey, if you do have this game, let us know how things are going if you do have one of the latest next-gen graphic cards.
I'm running a Quadro 4 900XGL at 640 by 480 quality set to medium. And thats the reccommend max suggested for my hardware according to the game settings. and its running just slightly choppy.
So yeah the cut scenes, have a lot of great character and facial animation, best I've ever scene in REALTIME.

In case you didnt know already, its the Year 2145 or something, and you are a new recruit on a space station on mars, a military project in process. But some psychotic satanic lead researcher scientist guy covertly set up in the deep underground station an open gate way for hell to liberate itself.
Not really much of a spoiler but, dude when you see how things play out, its so freaking scary. Once you've reached the point where all hell has just broken loose (literally), the whole thing turns in to this sort of Universal Studios experience ride. And dude its so freakn FUBAR man!

Game Play:

You basically go around killing zombies and demons while you are assigned missions to search for certain survivors or trying to reach certain destinations. You are assigned through this communication device called the UAC-PDA a sort of palm pilot. where you can download emails and videos and messages from people who left their profile chip around.... cause their dead.
The AI is pretty good, zombies do their thing slow and bite, zombies with guns shoot at you, demons fire crap at you, demon knights and guardians kick the living stool out of you and etc. The design of the enemies look very much inspired by Clive Barker's tortured souls.
This game is literally a very dark game in which case you rely on your flashlight about 90% of the time, especially for moments, when the lights in the room or hall are on but jsut so happen to shut off cause her abotu to get mamed by a demon trite. But the thing is you primarily have a pistol and a flash light, now remember, I didnt say pistol with a flash light, nor did I say pistol flashlight. You cant hold your flash light at the same time while you shoot. Yes ain that a B. So like half the time I'm walking down a hall with my flash light, some freaking demon jumps at me out of some vent in the wall, I totally panic and start slamming all the buttons on my keyboard trying to find the number 3 key so I can take my shot gun and blow the punk back to hell.
The first part is actually really cool when you get introduced to the station yer in, which btw reminded me of the San Antonio Air port where they have those huge commercial stands around showing a commercial of the station "Blah blah, you work at UAC the Universe's most elite military force." stuff like that. It gave it a sort of Starship Troopers feel to it, which I liked, cause Starship Troopers is the bestest bestest Alien/human military combat movie in the whole wide world.

Go Azns:

I was surprised to see all these asian characters just hanging around,Private Chang, Yiang, Wong, Ling. Man I felt at home. Then you follow the story line (which isnt much) to the point where Hell breaks loose, this is the part where I totally crapped my pants, it was so freaking scary. Cause the asian guy I was just talking to becomes possessed and turns on me and bites a piece of my arm off, i was like " Dude my brother, I dont believe in this asian on asian hate crime,we're not in LA, or San Francisco." He didnt listen to me so I had to cap him in the head about 4 times before he could die. Yeah 4 shots, those darn asians, they dont give up easily, man.
Anyways thats just the beginning, but seriously it gets more F*ed up later on in the game. Theres parts of the game where you have to go to this destination, then you have to go alllllll the way back from where you came to retreave some crap only to be confronted by an even uglier demon. Man I hate that. So by like the third level I couldnt take it any more. It was 2 am in the mornign and I havent had my Gensing tea, so I am not about to get a heart attack from this damn game, so I set my prompt to god mode and give all. giving me unlimited health and armor, and all guns with a crap load of ammo. At this point i was like " Alright B****es come to daddy.

ok these are the weapons of the game, pistol, shotgun, gatling gun, chainsaw, Plasma gun, Bazooka, Plasma Canon(this gun can take out any target with in a 30m diameter) Demon Saw (these are hard to get its like this floating box that looks like the lament configuration from Hellraiser, when activated it turns in to this flying spinning saw that kills your enemy in one hit, (mainly used for bosses))

Overall, I guess its a pretty good game, to get the thrills of being freaked out perpetually.
For its style and engine and graphics and for what its made to be, I give it a 10/10. But this will probably be the last scary game i'll ever play.

DO NOT play this game if you are: Not a fan of mortuary science/Not within the ages of 15-55/ and/or/ a vegetarian.

August 6th, 2004, 16:15
you cheated!!!!! how can you go through the entire game cheating! Cmon now the games really not all that hard in the first place the monsters take a while to kill but they arent very threatening(you can dodge or run around like ever single thing that comes at you , even in hallways.) NEway, i agree the game is gorgous and has a more emersive feeling then ive ever seen expereinced before. I am amazed how all the detail and style makes what would basically be a long path of grey walls almost limitlessly interesting to walk through.

Oh and yeah it is the scariest game ive ever played though as you get into the meat of the game it does get a little mundane, it happens so much you really arent scared any more, but you still jump out of your chair from the initial surprise of whatever ugly guy is popping out.

August 6th, 2004, 18:21
The thing that frightens me the most about this game is being in an environment where there is hardly any light but enough for you to see something to creep right through, by a sudden flash or blink of a light, the scariest part is not knowing whats coming for you, and that not all the walls are walls , they coudl be storage rooms, lockers, vents, anything that has large volume for soemthing of the unkown to hide in and pop out right when you pass by.

So yeah I cheated and what I did was, booted to a Multiplayer map and loaded each and every monster on there through the prompt codes. just to check out what I'm dealing against in the dark. As gross and as sick as what I've seen, still gotta say those are soem pretty bad@$$ textures. The scariest monsters for me would be, the Demon Knight(on cover of Doom 3), Demon Pinky(the doggy/bull structured technozombie thing as seen in trailer where he's eating a corpse), and the Mancubus (HUGE guy cant describe him, but he looks freaking sick).

I think the part that causes things to get repetitive, causing you to knwo what to expect, is the fact that the majority of these enemies shoot projectiles, With out their"beautiful features" their AI qualities arent that threatening. Cause practically its a shooter, things shoot at you and you shoot back, whether its a flame skull, bullets, missles. its basic. What they should do to up the fear factor is have some mutant demon like take over your body some how so you are stiff, and then slowly pull you in, and not use guns to attack but rather maybe a misshapped mouth with weird teeth, or have huge deformed bloody saw shapped flesh growth over bones as arms to cut you with.it And the attack would be slow, now that.. oh man that would be F* up man.

like Silent Hill, Silent hill still does it for me, cause its both physical and psychological.

If you beat it with out Cheats, you should be able to in about 38 hours. according to one of my friends.

good game but the multiplayer sucks, I'm gonna try it one more time with out cheats, i probably wont get far Still waiting for Counter Strike mod of HL2, oh man. I saw some korean video of these beta testers playing it, damn, it looked so freaking awesome. All the same maps were remodelled, textured, bumpped and etc. Stuff that you shoot react, like a fuel barrel, will blow up, or, move, or a tire will vibrate, bottles shatter. You can take damage from barrels that have been blown and the flew towards your direction to land on you, Everything looks so much more realistic.

Thomas Monberg Thompson
August 7th, 2004, 02:34
Screw that, ever see the unreal engine demo that was released a while back, could make the average modeler crap his pants

Thomas Monberg Thompson
August 7th, 2004, 02:37
yea, cheats really ruins this kind of game. Better to play it for the atmosphere than the a typical method of running as fast as possible and shooting everything in sight.

August 7th, 2004, 02:45
I have to disagree for the multiplayer. while it is limited and finding a decent open server can be a difficult task the action is swift and the levels are quit robust with secrets death traps and a lot of places to hide. like the evil mosters of the single player, you too can hide in the shadows. in fact i had to use the phone so i put myself in a shadow for like 5 min and no one found me. i also like the interactivity of the multiplayer levels theyre are motion sensored lights and you can open and close shutters and turn on and off lights and machinery to change how the level is being played.

I do think the mod community needs to expand upon this though but i can only hope that the user made levels have such interesting aspects to them. these are honestly some of the most fun multiplayer maps to com around in a while(as far interactivity as oppoed to just being a playing field) and we can always hope for some free downloadable content from id:)

I mean after all UT2K4 cant be the only guys giving you free stuff after launch..... can they?

August 7th, 2004, 02:47
Unreal engine 3 is friggin amazing the hi poly mapping onto lopoly meshes is brilliant, and im still trying to wrap my head around how they got HDRI to render real time.

August 7th, 2004, 14:04
hehe hey hiding in Multiplayer, isnt that called camping! then again it is a new experience, to fight someone in the dark. But for me, man I still dont like the feeling of getting freaked out. I'll pass you, I'll have my flash light on looking around in the dark, you come out of no wherein front of me, and frag the crap out of me before I get a chance to pull out my weapon. I cant man I'm too afraid.

I have to say some cool parts I think its on the site 3 map, when you first get to that level, and step off the elevator, everything turns red, and you look down this long hall way, all of a sudden starting all the way from the end, the floors start exploding towards you, boom, boom, boom , boom, boom... and then you see the demonic lighting at the other end, and BAM you see this Demon Knight Charging for you! I have to say, that was one of the most Kick@$$ scary parts of all.

thing is I dont know if I can take so much.

OH yes the new Unreal Engine, thats right that stuff really is impressive. I look forward to that too.

Thomas Monberg Thompson
August 9th, 2004, 01:42
HEHE check this out

Professor Watkins
August 9th, 2004, 17:15
As for the gun and flashlight....check out the new Duct Tape mod. it allows you to tape a flashlight onto your machine gun and shot gun.

Makes the game just as scary IMO; as you can actually see the face of the demon trying to bite your face off.

Great game - I'm not done; but great stuff. I've always liked id's stuff better than Unreal's (the Unreal games always seem like the people are 'floating') id games always seem to have more weight - just better animation; so I'm excited to be playing an id title again......althouggh i really like the online style of UT 2004 - a lot!

Although Unreals' 2005 and Half-Life 2 look to be great games too. I can hardly wait....

Thomas Monberg Thompson
August 9th, 2004, 21:10
Has anyone checked this thing out? man it would be awsome to see those rigs n stuff

August 16th, 2004, 16:19
Y'all should like this little video...


August 18th, 2004, 09:55
AhAHAHAHHH LMAO, they sound like a stampede of buffalos, listening to them in slow mo! AHAHA! I have to admit, that was my first reaction playing the game before