View Full Version : Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence (Trailer)

August 1st, 2004, 18:01

The teaser is in English, the trailer is not.

The trailer is also about 5 and half mins long. Here's a direct link to the 63M file (http://www.dreamworks.com/trailers/gits2/gits2_trlr2_qt_480.mov)... right click and save target as.

Looks simply amazing.

August 2nd, 2004, 13:47
yeah man, its awesome, you check out Stand Alone Complex? pretty political stuff, love it though.

BTW Ever heard of this movie called Versus?

I'll save you 2 hours of your life, dont rent it. Its your typical conversion of what an anime would look like as a live action flick. About half the movie is those close up eye shots where you think something is going to happen, well it does, but after like 5 minutes of them looking at each other. I was looking on the forums of Imdb, and all these hardcore anime gurus, were all trying to back up the "cinematography" saying that, "oh you just have to see that these shots have deep meaning within." . uhh..

Its a very low budget movie something like 400k, no real special effects other then the title. The kung fu is cool, (after all the crappy hype of the two enimies eyeing each other) You know when they have that semi depressively dark look as though they were EMO punks, where the hair covers one of their eyes.

Story: Something about a Forest of Resurrection So who ever dies in it becomes a zombie right after that. Over a thouand gagillion billion years, well wait ...actually about 500yrs but whatever, I was close. Some uber Kungfu guy guards it, but he's bad, oh btw none of the characters in this movie have names, then like, he has to sacrifice some one, but he has this rival good guy thats against him, and the good guys girl friend is the chick that needs to be sacrificed only by the bad guy in order to open the 444thportal to get into the dimension of darkness, of 999 in the world, but the good guy kills his girl friend. (oh btw theres really bad acting and dub synchros.) so Good guy dies, gets killed by bad guy, but bad guy still lives for the next 500 years. so some how through generational value, the same peopel of the even are reborn, and have to be confronted again. The end.
Thats about it.

The characters are some prisoner guy, some random girl, another random girl, then two random guys that seem to be fbi or regular patrol officers, some japanese mafia guys, and then another random girl. But surprisingly DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON?! THEY KNOW KUNG FU? dammit, its movies like this that cause people to think that all asians know kungfu. I'm asian, I dont know kungfu, but I have beaten Final fantasy 8, 3 times, what does that have to do with anything? I dont know, but I have, and I'm kind of proud of it probably cause i'm a nerd, but I dont know kung fu.

Anyways back to the point, this movie sucks, dont rent it, no matter how hard an anime fan tries to convince you.