View Full Version : Dodge Ball

June 22nd, 2004, 15:28
I think this is probably the funniest flick of the summer.
As you can see from the trailers, the movie is obviously one of those, dim witted ironic comedies thats least complex at is most simplest form, where you take adults playing a kids game. Its a good movie to cool off on and just have fun and laugh at all the people in the movie being morons.

Plot: Two gyms are at rivalry, one is a small community gym called Average Joes, and the other (which is directly across the street) is Globo Gym a 4million dollar Fitness Franchise. Globo wants to take over Average Joes, Joes need to pay his debt rent of 50k in order to keep his business, and they find that the best way is to play the annual Vegas Dodgeball competition.

Its one of those stupid comedies where a famous actor is in it for no apparent reason but just to be in the movie. Unlike most movies now adays- all the best parts WERENT shown in the preview. Acutally the flick will make you laugh through out.

But I really dont know what to say if you were a Ben Stiller Fan. I think Stiller's lost his touch a bit. Possibly he was trying too hard in this flick. or maybe cause his character was really stupid. Theres probably only three parts that I actually laughed at Stiller. But the only thing that had me going about Stiller was the fact that his wife is in the same movie and shes on the opposite team.

Best part is, for a great dim-witted humored movie, it has a pretty clever ending. This is definitely a movie for all yall to check out for a break.

I give it 8/10.