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June 12th, 2004, 10:46
Now I'm going to preface this by saying that I've never seen Pitch Black (2000), but I really enjoyed this film.

I went to see it with my sci-fi enthusiast friend Jason, and he filled me in on the details on the way to the theater.

Seems that Vin Diesel is a self-proclaimed murderer who is being transported to prison by a guard, and the ships captain and crew, as well as a few passangers. They crash on this planet that has three suns, so its always light outside. There are these creatres that live in the caves and shadows since they can't deal with the light.

Anyways, Riddick (Diesel) can see in the dark and is quite the warrior. But he escapes and the rest of the people try to find him.

But no one told them about the eclipse that was was going to happen, and when it does, it blankets the planet in darkness and the creatures come out and play.

Riddick doesn't do so much as to save the day, but cover his own hide. Fortunately, two people make off world out with him...

With that as a preface, we head 5 years into the future, where Riddick is being persued on some ice planet by Mercs... led by Tombs, but he hi-jacks their ship and heads to Helion Prime, the location of the person who put the bounty on him.

While there, the Necromongers (an evil religious group in search of the Underverse) attack the world and its up to Riddick (their saviour?) to beat the baddies.

The story's okay... the characters are rather thinly written... but the action and the effects are pretty good (considering the budget for PB was $23M and CoR was $105M, not bad).

I enjoyed the film. Sure there are plot holes, and some continuity problems, but its one of those "check-your-brain-at-the-door" shows.

I give it **1/2 out of **** or a B-.

See it if you want to... or go buy the Director's Cut of Pitch Black and use the free ticket inside.

June 17th, 2004, 03:06
IMO, the movie was ok. The story itself is absolutely cliche, but what isnt now a days? Movies where intense special effects and boobs suffice for plot. The only thing I liked was the sheer thread of connectino between Pitch Black and this movie, with the now grown up boy imposter Jack.... or Clara.. or whatever her name is who has sided and brought up by the Mercs in search of Riddick.

The designs and CG were cool, but I really hated that beginning fight scene, where he kills all those guards, all that flipping flashing of light, my body wasnt sure whether it wanted to puke or have a siezure. Some of the clustered CG humans running around fromt he birds eye view shots, looked pretty damn attack of the clonish. like the people were platoons rather then the scattered terrified civilians that they should be. cheap.

The ships were cool. THe chicks were hot, both of them, the black Princess Amidala looking chick and that Clara girl. (not including the old prophet lady). The story was your typical... Evil alian race trying to take over the universe. Whootpie doo.. gee I wonder where I've seen this before...

The only thing I liked was the part where Vin does that thing where he breaks from the chains (which just so everyone knows, I can do that too) and the ending. not only cause the movie ended, but because of the fight scene. The Necromaungers (which sounds like an alien race that humps dead bodies) have this ability to fight really fast like so fast it leaves speed shadow motion blur thing.. in mid air for a split second. I thought that was uber cool cause it reminded me of that game Killer Instinct 2.
I liked it cause its the first fantasy action movie that doesnt rip off the matrix.

I'm gonna give this movie a bit of a chance cause apparently as stated on the Platinum edition of Pitch Black, The chronicles of Riddick, is supposed to be the first of 3 sequels to Pitch Black, so maybe the next too will make up for this movie.

I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

June 17th, 2004, 07:55
Like Van Helsing, a cartoon to bridge Pitch Black with The Chronicles of Riddick was released after the film. The cartoon, by animator and director Peter Chung (The Animatrix, Aeon Flux) is called The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. It too is 35 minutes long (and avaiable at Target this week for $10).

It features the voices of Vin Diesel (Riddick), Keith David (Imam), Nick Chinlund (Toombs) and Rhianna Griffith (Jack).

I haven't watched it yet, but I will this morning and report back.

June 17th, 2004, 08:00
There's also a video game for the XBox called The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay that is getting rave reviews across the board from all the game mags (an 8.0 average).

From EB Games (http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/241894.asp): Set before the events of both Universal Pictures' upcoming summer release, The Chronicles of Riddick, starring Vin Diesel, and the 2000 breakout hit Pitch Black, which first introduced Diesel as enigmatic anti-hero Riddick, the game tells the story of Riddick's dramatic escape from the previously inescapable triple max security slam Butcher Bay, home to the most violent prisoners in the universe.

From the people I've talked to, it can be completed in anywhere from 4-12 hours. While its short, they say its well worht the experience.

You might wanna try it out Will.

June 17th, 2004, 09:29
Okay, I just got done watching the cartoon.

If you liked the movies and are a fan of Peter Chung, get this show and watch it. Its a cool blend of 2D characters and 3D background, environments and ships.

Well worth the $10 and the time to watch it, plus it has the following special features:

From Pitch Black to The Chronicles of Riddick: Bridging the Gap - An exclusive behind the scenes featurette exploring the creative inspiration for The Chronicles of Riddick.
Peter Chung - The Mindof an Animator: A revealing interview with acclaimed animator Peter Chung on bringing hte world of Riddick to animation.
Into the Light: A glimpse into The Chronicles of Riddick.
Animatic to Animation: Moving storyboards reveal how The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury was taken from concept to final animation.

I watched a few of these last night and they are quite insightful.