View Full Version : Catwoman: It Keeps Getting Worse!

March 30th, 2004, 13:43
This is a working trailer for the Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry... Warning: it's gonna be a stinker!

March 30th, 2004, 13:45
It's only 924k...

March 30th, 2004, 18:57
that looks incredibly stupid

March 30th, 2004, 21:29
OOH AHAHAH I GET IT, AHHAAHAHAH... GET IT!? SHes CAt WOMAN, and cats like to Drink Milk.. and.. and... eat raw fish and jump around doing flips, .. that explains why she's drinking milk and eating sushi, and doing Kat Fu martial arts. OH MAN WOW what a TWIST!!!

but wait a minute... I chug milk like the FOxx from the Man Show too, but only as a substitute for Alcohol, cause I'm not of legal age, and I also pig out in the sushi section of the Golden Wok on Wurzbach- but thats cause I'm chinese.. and well.. I guess its in my genes to eat asian food. Plus I jump around and do back flips and CHung Fu as well.. but thats because I'm a ninja undercover as a 3d student at the UIW. (supposed to be new mascot)

... So would that make me Cat boy?!... whatever..

So is she going to do anything familiar like in Swordfish or Monster Ball? Cause like well she is a cat.. and cats do need to groom themselves.

*hint...hint.. wink....wink.. ......wink.....nudge*

March 30th, 2004, 22:42
God...that was dumb...and I didn't even watch it.

...ok, I watched it...and it was still dumb.