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May 3rd, 2003, 21:05

I have been an X-men fan since I was 13 years old - Wolverine being my favorite. X2 rocks!! I would see it again!

Man the hairs from the back stood up as a small glimpse of the fiery Phoenix from under water was shown. I knew the minute I saw here eye burst into flames that something cool was going to happen.

I got this from the internet,"
The X- Men raced to the rescue but their spacecraft was damaged and Jean used her telekinetic powers to save them. In the process Jean absorbed a fatal dose of radiation and died. At the moment of death however a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force took over her body and a new being was born. Gone was marvel Girl and in her place the all powerful Phoenix."

Another character introduced that I found very exciting was Colossus.

Yo! I cannot wait for X3!!!

May 3rd, 2003, 21:26
Yeah Larry, the show was great!

But if they are going to go the way of the Phoenix Saga (the prelude to the Dark Phoenix Saga), then they have to introduce the Starjammers (Corsair, Gladiator and the bunch) and the Shi'ar race.

I do think however that intergalactic mutants thrown into the third movie would alienate most non-comic book fans.

Besides, they'd have to introduce a few other X-men before hand... mainly Alex Summer's (Havoc), Scott's (Cyclops) brother, since Corsair is their father...

... plus Phoenix would have to turn into Dark Phoenix and kill herself again, and then the third movie would seem like a rehash of the second one.

Now if the went the other way and hit the Morlocks and Sentinals, that would be something... they could elude to the return of Jean Grey/Phoenix/Madeline Pryor... but to explain the underground world of the Morlocks would keep them in NYC and introduce us to folks like the Beast, Gambit and Angel.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants could also surface... since Pyro defected in X2.

The only thing that made me mad in X2 was that they compressed Wolverine's backstory (Project X) into two people and 15 minutes... Fox was thinking about doing a solo Wolverine movie starringHugh Jackman and have him search for his past, meeting Sabertooth, Maverick and Omega Red along the way, but it looks like that was shot... oh well.

But I digress...

X2: X-men United -- ***3/4 of ****

(... minus 1/4 * for compressing Logan's history into 15 minutes, and killing off Lady Deathstrike.)

May 7th, 2003, 08:05

There are some many way that X-men three can go, but one things for sure I will be there to see it. One character that I am hopping they will bring to the big screen are Juggernaut, S.H.E.I.L.D, Alpha Flight, and Phoenix - the latter maybe already in the works. Anyways X2 rocks, and I was watching X-men last night. Magneto kept bring up the Brotherhood of mutant, so I am assuming that they have been introduce. I do have a question. Wasn't at one point Rogue part of the brotherhood of mutant, and why?