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December 17th, 2003, 08:16
Ok so like finals are over and most of us CGers have a little bit time to get back to our gaming life. My girl got me into this game cause she's a WWII freak. I tell you man, this game is soooooo FREAKING BADDDDD ARRSE!! It is probably the best World War II first person shooter EVER MADE.

Created by the dudes that made Medal of Honor, they've certainly made a huge leap. The graphics are sharp and very detailed dirty textures that express age and use, and yall know how much I like things that are dirty... ehem textures I mean. Then the game play, hooo man, way cool, my favorite weapon is the Spring field 1903, Got damn, it so cool. What makes the gameplay so sweet is the environment, the AI, and the character animation, for the most part the Environment and the character animation.
Soldiers that are just there, arent just standing around looking stupid, they are actually showing fear, crapping their pants or looking around scratching their head, talking synced well, checking their weapons and bunch of other stuff, with full body movement.. none of this BS boring arse walk cycles we always see, and the animation is actually hard to tell if its looped. Now.. the ENvironment... HOOOOOOLY CRAP D000Ds and D0000dets... THERE IS JUST SOOOOO MUCH GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME, its almost like you are IN THE FREAKING WAR!! Nazi charging at you, sniping you from certain pin points, tanks, crashing through the walls, dive bombers, flying over, trying to deminish the path before you. Man it sooo bad A.
The game takes from several familiar war movies, such as Enemy at the Gates, Pearl harbor, and, Saving Private Ryan.
Right now i'm at the part where its the EXACT OPENING SEQUENCE of ENEMY AT THE GATES, where you are supposedly Jude Law, (half way in the game) and you are on that boat fulls of soldiers, where all the guys are crapping their arses off, and the commador is telling us, "THis is a day for all of you to be proud to fight for your country your mother land! You will not back down or we will kill you!" and int he back ground you can look all around you, explosions every where, bbullets flying, Dive bombers, dropping every where!!! and then that part where some guys is like " WE"RE GONNA DIE!!!!! and he jumps off the boat, adn the commandors shoot him saying "TRAITOR!" yeah a very well done accurate rip off, then we are passing buy another boat with soldiers, and BAM HOLY CRAP, it gets deminish ed by a dive bomber... man I swear that game issooo sweeet!!! then wen you get on to the shore you get your rifle, and you run up the hill with all the other soldeiers,,, crap theres like 100 soldiers in real time, man running, with bulles flying bombs, exploding, planes.... MAN ITS SO OVERWHELMING. Anyways and it keeps on going.

This game is so sweet in single player, I cant imagine what it is like in multiplayer. The game is jsut freaking awesome, utterly the best World War II game I have ever played.

December 18th, 2003, 00:14
Someone else was telling me about this game. It must be really good, I'll have to check it out.

December 18th, 2003, 13:01
So I just took over the Berlin capital with my fellow privates. I have to say...

THIS IS THE BEST WORLD WAR II FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man it was great, I could smell the blood, and the rotting flesh, burning gun powder, my sore gun shot wound to the leg, gosh it was so real. Sniping because the main part of the game at the end, which is great. you actually get to use a turret to shoot down dive bombers, you also get to use a tank to shoot panzers and run over trees, Save the trees? Screw them, its in my way. *cries, I'm so glad the war is over* Victory is ours.

actually trying it online right now, and what do you know? it kicks even more ARSE on LINE!!!!!

Check it out, I give this game a 10/10