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May 2nd, 2003, 20:28
You know with all this Matrix hype and all I was wondering, what will happen AFTER Revolutions.
Cuase like in the end of the Matrix you'll have a collection of these visual sources of entertainment.

You got The Matrix, then the Matrix Revisted, then The Animatrix, then the Enter the Matrix game, then Matrix Reloaded, then a behind the scenes dvd for Reloaded, then Matrix Revolutions, then the behind the scenes dvd for Revolutions, then a possible game that corrilates with Revolutions like Enter the Matrix only this time it might be a PC/Xbox online only game, and then.. then what?

Reading all these articles, watching the interviews and watching all these films from the Wuch. Bro. (2 so far.. written and directed, The Matrix and Bound) these, two guys are the most INFORMAL guys I've ever seen, yet they have the minds to create something more incredible that 9/10s of the Hollywood directors combined could never accomplish. Maybe a little exaggerative, but you know?

After the Matrix, (seeing how these two love Japanese animation, and conjunctioned to some of the best Anime Directors to create Animatrix, and they both are into comics, and the Matrix it\self define what a Comic book movie should look like) for their next ground breaking move, I believe they would have the potential to bring OUR favorite animes TO LIFE, and would always be guaranteed to kick noodle, no matter what anime they would decide to bring to live cast.

May 2nd, 2003, 21:08
It's rumored that Warner Bros if still offering Andy and Larry Wachowski the Batman franchise... but they have declined it several times.

As far as I know, Warner Bros wants Darren Aronofski (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) to do the Batman: Year One series, but he's not buying it either.

Either way... just don't let Joel Schumacher ever touch anything again...

May 3rd, 2003, 08:24
Hahah, yeah no kidding! See, what I was thinkin was since the stuff the Bro. create resemble the peek of modified elements of originality combined, instead of moving towards Comic book based movies (like everyone else is working in production right now) they could move on to recreating live casts of some of the top animes out there, like of course the ones with deep messeges, (most likely things that can tie with religion since thats one of the things The Matrix was doing to corrilate with the audiences lives) like Evangelion, or Escaflowne, of course I'm sure they would pick better titles if this was possible, animes with deep stories but at the same time intense action that can once again break more grounds with CG. I'm mean comon, when's the last time you saw Giant Robots fighting in land or in space to save the world or? or what not (they could at least modify it to where (they have safer batte grounds away from the city to make it more believable). Other than Power rangers right? Well Warner Bro. certainly has ESC behind their backs so they dont have to worry about the CG probs right? I was just thinkin about that cause theres this one part in the new trailer that shows one of Zions Defense Mechwarrior Prototypes that have a little cockpit for a man to sit in and control. So if they can come up with stuff like that, who knows what else is next.

Joseph Blalock
May 3rd, 2003, 09:23
i would love to see the matrix as a comic book, after all of the other movies are made. when i first saw the Matrix, i was blown away. its kind of being a kid and going into your own little world.

ps, mike: Pi was strange, even for me :p